The Vast Estate of London

Home renovation

If in the past London has always drawn people spontaneously and aimlessly, the city has now transformed itself into the consummate harbour for the consummate interior connoisseur. London today offers much to the individual who wants to build a home and make sure that it will cater to all their needs. The city has an array of moving services and design experts who gladly land their support to the excitable lot of consumers who undertake the transformation of their home with enthusiasm. While it is not always easy to carry out the slew of works necessary to bring about the looks of one’s home, it is certainly a relief to know that there are a hundred of services that will...

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Tips for Pet Owners when Selling their House


You have decided to move to a new house and put this one for sale. Selling a house is a serious job but if you are a pet owner, this job becomes even tougher. Whether it is about a cat, a dog or other animal, they always leave a trace. This is because pets might cause some damage to your furniture and other household items. And one of the most common turn-offs for a customer is the odor. You probably get used to it over time and stop noticing it. But as soon as your buyer walks in, the smell lingers even you cleaned the place, and they can still smell it. It will give an impression to a customer...

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An App a Day Keeps Us at Bay

Phone apps

We use apps for pretty much everything. You may just need to do the groceries or buy a refined piece of furniture, book a nanny service or find a new place to live. It’s all at the tips of our fingers now. We as customers are also deeply affected by how in today’s world placing our demands in a slick piece of software yields the desired results. And not only that, doctors are now using apps to practise medicine and monitor patients. That is however not the most inventive way to employ apps! Let’s look at some of the most inventive and on occasion bizarre activities you would use an app for. That Old Sofa Needs Transport! It’s just a...

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Five Things about Moving Homes You Probably Don’t Know


Moving can be quite stressful, but it can also be easy when you approach it in the right manner. The thing is that there are pitfalls many people who are just planning on their relocation can step into if they do not know about them. Here we will try to prepare you for some of the most common things that people forget to take care of when they are relocating their households. The mistakes that you’d wish to avoid Three common missteps may actually make your life a living nightmare if you allow yourself to take them in the weeks prior to your moving day. People often do those things: Thinking that it is not too late to book a...

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How to Pack Musical Instruments When Moving Home

A violin

Unless you are moving a mouth organ, cabasa or a triangle, packing musical instruments for a house move generally requires professional help. That is even more true if you are dealing with a large piano or a delicate antique violin, for example. Having the right professional by your side, like a skilled man and van in Herne Hill SE24, can make all the difference. Plus, professional moving companies usually offer insurance coverage which is a must when you are moving a valuable musical instrument. What you will need If, however, you have decided to reduce some of your relocation expenses by doing all the packing yourself, make sure you have the following materials when you prep your musical equipment for...

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Kensington and Chelsea – a place of class and glamour

The Royal Albert Hall, Exhibition Road

At the present moment there are as many as 32 boroughs that make up the territory of Inner and Greater London. Of those, only a handful bear the designation of Royal Boroughs, and there is little doubt in everyone’s mind that Kensington and Chelsea is the most exclusive and probably nicest among those. Class, dignity and honour The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is to be found to the west of Westminster and the City. It is considered to be part of Inner London. Actually, it is the smallest of all London boroughs and according to the statistics available, also the second smallest district in all of England. We can talk at great lengths about the many landmarks, long...

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Moving Garden Future without any Hassle

Garden bench and table

When moving out of a house that has a big garden, you will also need to plan the removal of two distinctly different types of furniture: indoor and outdoor furniture pieces. If you think that the former requires more preparation that the latter, think again! Moving garden furniture is rather difficult since you not only need to disassemble and move it, but you also need to: Remove dirt and grime from it; See whether there are any bugs on it; Wash or replace cushions and other upholstery elements; So, even if you have found a reliable man and van in Carshalton SM5, for instance, you will still need to do many of the above-mentioned tasks yourself. Clean it well No...

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Avoid Some of the Winter Moving Problems

Camden Road, London, in winter

Winter is tough period of the year to move houses. If you want to avoid the stress and strain, you can easily do that however, by taking the right steps to secure your upcoming relocation. Avoid delays, damage to your goods and general headaches by following the stress-free guide that is described below. Winter proof vehicles and goods In case you will be using your own car to move, you should make sure that it is road worthy. Generally, a good set of tyres and a fully loaded battery should be enough to guarantee you will be having no problems on the road. As for your furniture and other items that are going to be transported – in addition to...

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Exploring Waltham Forest’s Most Quiet Districts

William Morris Gallery

Waltham Forest is located in North East London and it borders with the London Boroughs of Redbridge, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Haringey and Enfield. Also, the county of Essex is set to the borough’s immediate north. Waltham Forest is not a very busy or noisy part of the English capital but it is one of the most artistic spots in the city. The Arts and Crafts Movement was founded namely here and the selection of local galleries is quite impressive. Some of the most famous art galleries and art exhibition halls in the London Borough of Waltham Forest include: 491 Gallery Tokarska Gallery William Morris Gallery Hogarth Fain & Cruikshank Arthouse Muenkel – Entertaining Art Emma Scutt LGA Theatre fans,...

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Best Cities to Live in England

Liverpool City Centre

England is home to some of the best cities in the world. This is why we decided to present to you four amazing urban areas, just in case you are planning to change the scenery and move from your current location. Newcastle upon Tyne Located in the northern parts of England, this charismatic city has an estimate population of 1.6 million people (metropolitan area included). Newcastle upon Tyne is developed around the ancient Roman settlement of Pons Aelius, which is why it has a rich cultural and historic heritage. The city is home to a wide number of world famous landmarks, such as: Gateshead Millennium Bridge Tyne Bridge James’s Park Theatre Royal The Castle Grey’s Monument Newcastle upon Tyne is...

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