How to make friends in new environment

Cooking class

Removal can be very stressful experience due to many reasons. One of those reasons is perhaps moving away from your friends and trying to fit in among new neighbours. Once you move in, you perhaps feel alone with no one to talk to and share your feelings with. And you assume that it is so difficult to make new friends. Even though you think it is, it really isn’t that hard to meet some friends to hang out with or to create deeper relationships. You just need to give it a try and be confident. Here are few tips on how to meet new friends when you relocate.

Get to know your colleagues better

After removal, the first people you will probably meet are your colleagues. These are individuals you will be interacting every day and you can easily bond with some of them in a short period of time. Who knows? Maybe some of them are your future best friends. You can also suggest meeting with closer co-workers after work for a drink or dinner. This way you will strengthen teammate bond or even make new friendships.

Hang out with your neighbours

Whether you have just moved into a building or a house, there are many people in your surroundings that you could like and become friends with. Say “hello” to anyone you pass in the hall or street and let them know that you are their new neighbour. If your new neighbours host parties, meetings or other gatherings, make sure you take part. You will fit into new community faster and you will be up to date concerning different things.

Your child can help you as well

If you have a small child, you will probably take him/her for a walk or to a park. Kids easily find someone to play in the playground, so you may also get a chance to meet parents and make a connection. If you do, you can set up a play date. People with similar interests connect quickly and parents have at least one thing in common: kids. Therefore, be open and you will meet new friends in no time in your kid’s favourite park.

Join different courses or take a class

There is no better place for meeting new people than a class where people of similar interests, values and hobbies get together. If you love sports or you play one, look for a team in your neighbourhood and join. People of similar values and preferences instantly connect and usually make friendships. Also, Facebook and other social platforms can help you meet with people who are interested in same things as you are. For example, if you love photography, you can join groups and be up to date about certain shows or exhibits in your neighbourhood/city. This way you can enjoy things you love and have an opportunity to meet new friends.


Any time you have a chance to mingle with your neighbours, co-workers and other people, do it. Even though it can be tough to adjust to your new surroundings after removal, force yourself to get ready and go out. Whenever you get an invitation for a certain event, don’t turn it down, especially when you first arrive. You do not want to leave a bad impression on your neighbours and miss a chance to hang out and meet new friends.