What Is the Best Way to Pack Books When Moving?

Moving house requires a lot of packing. If you opt for DIY packing, you will realise how many items you really own and you might find it challenging to pack it all properly and strategically. Packing your books might seem a simple task but you need to know what you are doing to avoid damage to your valuable books. Perhaps you should hire an experienced team of pros that offers efficient small removals in London which include a professional packing service and delivery of packing supplies. If you decide to pack your books on your own, here are few tips that will help you.

Sort them out first

If you are downsizing or moving long distance, you might want to decide which books to take with you. Books are heavy and the movers are usually charging by weight so make sure you take only the books you love and find useful with you. You can donate the ones you are not planning to move or give them to someone who is also passionate about books.

Find sturdy and clean boxes

After you decide which books to move, next step is finding the right boxes that will support the weight. Make sure the boxes are clean and dry. Also, secure the bottom of each box by taping it.

Three packing methods (combo of the three works as well)

  • Method one: Placing books with paper edges facing down?No. Packing books with its edges facing down will cause the pages to bend and this is not what you want. Therefore, to avoid damage, place your books with their spine down and paper edges up.

  • Method two: stacking them flat?You can pack larger books flat. This method will protect your book from damage. Just make sure you fill the spaces because books can shift during the move and cause damage.

  • Method three: standing upright?Yes, you can pack your books by placing them in the box standing upright, just the way you place them on the shelves. You can pack hardcover books this way just make sure that they are not packed too tightly because it may cause damage when moving.

Packing the books of great value

Valuable books, like first editions or old photo albums, require extra care when packing. The most important rule to stick to is to protect them using bubble wrap, towels or similar materials, and prevent the movement inside the box. You will achieve this by placing bubble wrap or foam chips between the books, filling the spaces. Also, make sure you pad the box first.

Fill the spaces

Use bubble wrap or other similar packing material to fill the spaces between the books. This will prevent shifting and any potential damages to the books.

Label boxes before you tape them closed

Before you close the boxes, write down the contents of each box and the room they belong to. Mark valuable boxes. If you are loading the boxes by yourself, make sure they are properly secured before you stack them. Don’t forget that books are heavy so keep this in mind when placing the boxes on top of fragile or less-protected furniture and other items. You won’t have to worry about packing, loading and securing boxes if you hire a licensed man and van in Bulls Cross EN2, EN3 or other London area. They have experience and knowledge needed to safely pack and load your valuable books efficiently and hassle-free.