Home Improvements That Can Reduce Your House’s Value

When people want to sell their home, they do their best to increase the value of the property. They use a comprehensive moving out cleaning service in London or they do other things such as:

  • Repainting some of the key rooms in the house
  • Relying on some home staging tricks
  • Decluttering
  • Home improvement

The latter, however, is not always guaranteed to work for your benefit. Not all home improvement projects have the power to boost the value of your home. As a matter of fact, if you don’t pick your battles carefully, a simple renovation project can end up greatly slashing down the price of your property. If you don’t want that to happen, avoid spending money and time on the next few house improvements.

Using bright and loud colours

You may think that painting your living room in loud neon colours will make a big impression on potential buyers and you are right. However, while the impression will be lasting, it is not guaranteed that it will be a positive one. The majority of home hunters prefer to invest in a blank canvas. In other words, they are more likely to buy a house when it is in more neutral colours because that will allow them to imagine it in any way they want to. Painting your walls in bright colours or covering them in extravagant wallpapers will not help you get more money out of your property sale.

Replacing hardwood floors with carpets

Carpets have the power to make a home feel cosier and more comfortable. But lately, they have not been getting much love from home hunters. The main reason for this is that maintaining a carpet is not easy. Well, the same also goes when it comes to maintaining a hardwood floor. However, the lifespan of a hardwood floor is considerably longer compared to that of a carpet. Plus, cleaning a hardwood floor is often easier. When it comes to carpets, on the other hands, you need to deal with built-up dirt, dust mites, allergens, pollens, pet hair, odours and stains. If you are a fan of robot vacuum cleaners, you probably know that not all of them do a good job when they have to clean an extra fluffy carpet. So, if the home you are planning to sell has a hardwood floor, do not cover it with a carpet.

Saying goodbye to built-in closets

The more spacious your home is the more money you will make out of it, right? Well, that depends. For instance, if you decide to expand your bedroom by getting rid of your built-in closet, you may achieve the opposite. People go to great lengths to add built-in storage options in their homes so this is a feature in which they will be interested.

Expanding a room at the cost of another room

Another way people try to expand a room is by knocking walls down and joining two bedrooms into one, for instance. The problem is that the price of a residential property depends on the number of bedrooms it has. Therefore, by turning a four-bedroom house into a three-bedroom home will not help you increase the value of the property even if it now features a massive masters’ bedroom.