Moving Out of Your Parent’s Home – Surprising Costs

These days, people tend to be leaving the nest, that is moving out of their parents’ house, more than once. That is because the cost of living in London can be quite unbearable for 20-somethings and a great percentage of youngers end up moving back with their parents not long after they land their first job. Still, statistically, the majority of individuals who are leaving the nest are first-time movers. This often means that they:

  • Have no experience moving home
  • Do not own many possessions, aside from clothes and personal electronics
  • Are not used to cook for themselves regularly
  • Can’t wait to spread their wings even that means breaking their budget

Therefore, if you are getting ready to move out of your parents’ home, you must prepare for the many surprising costs with which you will need to deal. These costs are not so surprising for people who have been living on their own in the past but they may catch you off guard and make a big hole in your budget. So, before you buy high-quality packing supplies in London, familiarise yourself with the following details.

Unexpected monthly fees you should expect

If you have not paid any bills during the time you were living under your parents’ roof, now you will have no other choice but to face the music. Surely, you know that. However, what you may not know is that apart from paying for things like electricity, internet, water and gas, you will also need to foot other bills such as council taxes, rubbish collection fees and etc. That is why it is important to have some extra money aside. Also, take your time researching the cost of living in the neighbourhood to which you are planning to move. Some councils and borough have higher taxes than others, for example.


Not many people who live with their parents know how to cook. Those who have acquired that basic skill, on the other hand, are not used to prep meals for themselves on a daily basis. That is why so many first-time tenants or homeowners prefer to eat out. The thing is that not many people can afford to do that every day which is why they order in cheaper meal options but these meals are usually quite unhealthy. So, you should either get used to the thought of cooking nearly every day or make enough money to dine out regularly. Sometimes the answer is in the middle – combine these two things to enjoy the perfect balance.

Small household items

Do you have a coffee maker, an iron, a hairdryer…? There are a lot of small appliances and household items which you may need to purchase as soon as you move out of your parents’ place. Tiny things such as clothes hangers and dishes may not cost you a fortune to buy but along with them you may also need to get a ton of other tiny things like bedding, cutlery, a rubbish bin, a laundry basket… you get the picture.

Things you want but you don’t need

You have always wanted to a giant TV in your bedroom or a dog or something else which was just a mirage in your parents’ home. Think things through before you make any such decisions. It is best if you postpone on these investments for now. Learn to fly before you spread your wings and jump into the deep.