Moving Garden Future without any Hassle

Garden bench and table

When moving out of a house that has a big garden, you will also need to plan the removal of two distinctly different types of furniture: indoor and outdoor furniture pieces. If you think that the former requires more preparation that the latter, think again! Moving garden furniture is rather difficult since you not only need to disassemble and move it, but you also need to:

  • Remove dirt and grime from it;
  • See whether there are any bugs on it;
  • Wash or replace cushions and other upholstery elements;

So, even if you have found a reliable man and van in Carshalton SM5, for instance, you will still need to do many of the above-mentioned tasks yourself.

Clean it well

No matter how fancy or expensive your garden furniture pieces are, they have spent a lot of time in the rain, wind, sun and etc. Shortly put, they are dirty and dusty and they need to be cleaned before they are loaded onto the moving vehicle. Otherwise, you will get all of your other possessions in the van dirty which, on the other hand, will spoil the state and the beauty of your new home. If some of your furniture has padding, wash it or just replace it with a new one.

In addition to cleaning your outdoor furniture, you will also need to check whether there are any insects and other pests on it like bugs, ants and etc. We doubt that you will be happy to see these creatures crawling all of your other belongings or to witness how they take over your new house.


Garden bench and tableMany outdoor furniture pieces, particularly wooden chairs, do not really need to be disassembled since they are foldable. However, tables and benches are not, which is why they have to be dismantled. Do that and you will make the removal of these items much smoother and safer. Plus, they will take little space in the moving van. Label and mark all the elements of each furniture piece well so that you can assemble it quickly later. Keep in mind that the assembling stage is even trickier than the disassembling. If you use comprehensive man and van services in Harringay N4, N8, N15, you will not even need to bother yourself with all of these annoying little details. Instead, you can simply ask the pros to give you a hand. In many cases, reputable moving van firms also provide affordable furniture delivery and assembly in London. Take advantage of that and you will be able to sprint to the finish line of your relocation.


The padding must be packed separately from the furniture piece itself. If there are any elements that are loose and which may fall out or to move a lot during the transportation stage, such as drawers, ornaments and etc, secure them with tape. Put bubble wrap around all sharp edges. If you have special outdoor furniture covers, use them. If you don’t, wrap the furniture pieces with packing paper.

Finally, load your garden furniture pieces onto the truck and transport it to its next destination.