How to Obtain Free Moving Boxes

When moving, you will need a lot of cardboard boxes. You can get them for free if you keep your eyes open and make a little effort. Free boxes mean saving money as well as helping your environment since you will reuse instead of buy boxes. However, note that you should not take all the boxes you will find for free. You need to take only sturdy and clean boxes that will be safe for handling and moving your belongings. Additionally, after your successful home removal, which mostly depends on a professional home moving company in London you hire, you can give the boxes to somebody else who will be happy to take them. Also, you can recycle the ones that don’t have any purpose anymore. Take a look at the following tips on how to obtain moving boxes free of charge:

  • Find free cardboard boxes online;
  • Visit your local grocery store;
  • Ask friends who moved home recently;
  • Collect boxes from recycling centres;

Search the web for some sweet offers

People give away all kinds of items on the web all the time. Boxes are just one of those items. Some of the sites that contain classified ads have a Free section.  Browse through it to try to find your free boxes. Additionally, you can buy boxes cheap from such website too, or to swap items.

Social network platforms

Some social network platforms that provide so many benefits regarding social connection. It can also help you find free boxes for your upcoming move. There are probably many local community groups you can use to acquire boxes. Find a group where people give away items, swap things, etc. You will be surprised by how quickly people will start to respond. You can even find the contact details of s trusted man and van in Blackfriars there, who knows?

Local grocery stores

Check your local stores for free boxes. They probably have tons of them and can’t wait to get rid of them. Worst case scenario, they will say no. The best local stores for finding free boxes include grocery stores, shoe stores, pharmacies, office supply stores and other. You will probably find all the boxes you need there because they usually recycle most of them anyway.

People who have just moved

This one is a bit obvious but it’s worth mentioning. Do you have neighbours or friends that are just moved? Those boxes are probably just taking up space in their living room or garage. Ask your friends, family members and neighbours if they have any free boxes or know somebody who does.

Yard sales

Yard sales are another way to obtain free boxes. Drive around your neighbourhood and look for yard sales. Not only you might find some interesting stuff, you might also find free boxes the owner wants to get rid of anyway. If necessary, come back at the end of the day when the owner sells most of their belongings.

Recycling centres

Checking your local recycling centre is a good idea when looking for free boxes. Most of the cardboard boxes there are probably broken down but if you are lucky, you will find some in a great condition.