Surviving & Enjoying the First Night in a New Home

Just like the move itself, your first night in your new home may keep you busy, on your toes and stressed out, that is unless you have used Rabbit Man and Van’s hassle-free home removals in London. But this is not a good way to start your life there, right? That is why you need to make a conscious effort to relax and let loose a bit. Still, you also need to plan a few things in advance so that you don’t end up going to sleep hungry or… not having a bed in which to go to sleep. To survive your very first night a new house or apartment and to actually enjoy it, you need to:

  • Take it easy on the unpacking
  • Bring an essentials box
  • Prep a place where you can sleep
  • Put the needs of your children and pets first
  • Balance your emotions by practicing the art of relaxation

There is nothing wrong about feeling overexcited about this experience. In fact, it would be odd if you are emotionally numb during that stage of your relocation. You just need to go about it in a careful and smart way.

Leave the unpacking for another day

If you have spent the last few weeks or even months hunting for a home and then planning a domestic move, you have probably become used to keeping your hands full with various tasks. That is why you may decide to start unpacking on your first night in your new house. Don’t! We know that you cannot wait to start setting up your items around the place. However, unpacking can take ages to complete and no matter how much you try, you are not likely to wrap this up in one night only. Plus, you should give yourself some time to feel the vibe of the home. Only then will you be able to decide exactly how you want to arrange, organise and decorate it.

Pack an open-first box

The only box you are allowed to unpack on your first night is the one containing your essentials. Hopefully, you have packed one. It should include pyjamas, toiletries, towels, some basic household items such as utensils, a phone charger, a bedding set, medications, money, spare underwear and non-perishable food (e.g. canned stews or peanut butter). If you have kids or pets, you should also include their items in that box.

A comfy place where you can lay your head to rest

Make your bed so that you can enjoy a good night of sleep. If you still don’t have one, bring a sleeping bag or sleep on the sofa. Even a mattress on the floor will do.

Averting a kids’ or pet-related crisis

If you are moving with children, spend as much time with them as you can to help them get used to the new environment. With pets, you need to set them a comfortable spot where they can retreat. They will probably spend their first night in the house there and will not be very playful or social. But give them time and they will eventually come out of their shell.

Keeping emotions under control

Sadness, excitement, homesickness, happiness, regret… it is hard to predict what type of emotions will take over your mind once you complete your relocation. To make sure they are positive and not negative ones, however, make it your mission to relax and enjoy yourself during the first few hours in your new refuge. Enjoy a nice drink, take a walk around the neighbourhood, eat out or do anything that will help you unwind and feel good about your decision. Unpacking and stress can wait!