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Hillingdon – One Borough with Two Faces

Heathrow Airport

The London Borough of Hillingdon has a population of over 304,000 people and it ranks as the second biggest borough in the UK capital. It is made up of 17 different districts which are subdivided into various areas and localities. The truly special thing about Hillingdon, however, is that it is a borough that is made up of two distinctly different parts – south and north. Hillingdon’s northern part The northern districts in the borough are predominantly suburban and residential in character. Yet, that does not mean that this part has a high population density. Quite the opposite, some areas on this side of Hillingdon are not inhabited by a lot of people. One of the main districts in the...

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Are office removals tougher than domestic moves?

In truth any sort of relocation is a hard task especially if we talk about a full scale one. Regardless of its nature a lot of planning in advance will have to take place and there are great professional companies which will help you. In any case look for such an organisation as their value is immense and they will surely take a huge load of your hands. Now, first of all we will start with things which are common for both instances. You need to have a second place or property to transport your things to. You simply cannot move out of one place and go nowhere. Pre-planning is essential and fortunately for you the removal company you hire...

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Harrow’s Core

Harrow High School

Harrow is a borough located in the north-western parts of Greater London. With nearly a quarter of a million residents, it is one of the relatively big boroughs of London. It was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1954 and it became officially a borough of London after the redevelopment of London’s administration in 1965. Reasons to live in Harrow Harrow is traditionally considered to be a pretty great place to in. For decades now its character is defined by typical suburbia built mainly throughout the interwar period in the 1930s. It is also typically thought of as a rather affluent area, but studies show that property prices here are considerably lower than those in place with similar levels of...

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Let’s Explore Three Districts of Bexley

Our Lady of the Rosary

The Borough of Bexley lies in the easternmost parts of London and covers an area of 23.38 square miles. It shares common borders with the Borough of Greenwich from the west and the Borough of Bromley from the south. Bexley has a population of approximately 240.000 and a density rate of 10.000 people per square mile. It is the location of several internationally known landmarks, neighbourhoods, touristic sites and entertainment venues. The district of Bexleyheath is situated in the central parts of the borough at exactly twelve miles from the junction of Charing Cross. It has a population of over 21.500 and is recognised as one of the 35 major centres in Greater London in the London Plan. The area...

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Touring the Borough of Bromley

Bromley High School

Bromley is the largest borough of the British capital. It lies in the south-eastern parts of the city and covers at little less than 58 square miles. It has a population of almost 325.000 and a density rate of 5.600 people per square mile. This makes Bromley one of London’s least densely populated areas. It is the location of a number of well-known districts, landmarks, parks and entertainment venues. The area of Hayes, BR2, is situated in the central parts of the borough and has a population of about 15.000. It is the location of several popular green spaces including Hayes Common which is arguably the most famous landmark in the district. The park spreads over 2.5 hectares and is...

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Six districts in the London Borough of Barnet

Childs Hill - a park

The Borough of Barnet is situated in the northern parts of London and is the second largest borough in the British capital. It spreads over 33.49 square miles and is home to approximately 375.000 people. Barnet is home to a number of listed edifices, world famous landmarks, internationally known entertainment venues and some of the city’s most popular and well-known districts. The Hyde, NW9, is a district which lies in the western parts of the borough. The area has been known by its current name since the late 13th century. It is one of Barnet’s smallest and least populous districts which is why it is also described as quiet and peaceful. The area shares common boundaries with several notable neighbourhoods...

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Key Areas in the London Borough of Islington

Islington - streeet traffic

Islington is a large metropolitan borough located right to the north of the City of London. Islington is a peculiar place. It is one of the most affluent parts of present day London, while at the same time it remains – even after the administrative reforms of 1965 – the smallest among the London boroughs and the third smallest district in England as a whole. The total territory covered by Islington is the mere 14.86 square kilometres. The population of the area is not small at all though – it reaches over 220 000 at the present moment, placing the population density at 15 000 per square kilometre. There are several important areas in Islington that define the character of...

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Five of Camden’s most popular areas

Chalk Farm - street

Camden is an inner London borough which covers an area of 8.4 square miles and has a population of over 230.000 people. It is the location of many prominent public and private bodies as well as some of the city’s most reputable educational facilities and world famous landmarks. It is under the authority of the Camden London Borough Council. Highgate is a suburban area which lies in the northern parts of the borough at about five miles from the junction of Charing Cross. It has a population of over 10.000 people and is known for its Georgian character. The district is situated in close proximity to Kenwood House in the adjacent area of Hampstead. The stately home is considered to...

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Districts Which Have Made Tower Hamlets Famous

Limehouse, Tower Hamlets

Located in the central parts of London, the Borough of Tower Hamlets covers an area of 7.63 square miles and has an estimate population of 290.000 people. Most of the renowned East End area lies within the borough which is why it is one of the British capital’s most popular tourist destinations. Isle of Dogs, E14 is one of the borough’s most famous districts. It lies in the Thames Rivers and is bounded from three sides by one of the city’s largest meanders. The area is home to George Green’s School which is one of the borough’s most acclaimed secondary educational facilities. It was established during the 19th century by London based shipbuilder, George Green. The district is served by...

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The Different Particularities Of Moving During The Different Seasons


The difficulty and duration of your relocation will more or less be determined by the season during which you are moving. Here are the pros and cons of each season of the year will offer you. Relocating during the summer For most people, summer is the ideal time of the year to move from one place to another. However as everything else in life there are advantages and disadvantages of relocating during the warmest season. Pros: The main advantage of moving during the summer is the weather. Usually dry, sunny and warm, you won’t have to worry about rain and cold. It is also the time of the year during which you can easily take a few days off from...

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